With the recent sad loss of our Chairman of Governors, we are writing to reassure you all of our continued support for Erith School and to strive, to the best of our abilities, to build on the work that David Friend so passionately and enthusiastically carried out in his many long years of service. His legacy and dedication to Erith was outstanding.

Having discussed how we could manage the transition, Governors agreed that Peter Carter and Ann Nuckley, who have previously been joint Vice Chairs, should assume the roles of joint co-Chair of Governors. This decision will be formally ratified at the final main Governing Body meeting of this Academic Year which takes place on Wednesday 20th July 2016. It is anticipated that this arrangement will be in place until August 2017 when a further review will take place.

The Governing Body will continue to work closely with the Senior Executive Team to ensure that we go forward together to positively support and meet Erith School’s new challenges.












Peter Carter and Ann Nuckley































David Friend - Rest in peace

DavidFriend_smallIt is with great sadness that we announce the death of David Friend, our Chair of Governors, on Wednesday 25th May. David had been a Governor at Erith School since 1985 and Chairman for 28 years during which time he successfully led the school through a whole range of different challenging situations. He was not only a dedicated Governor, a dear friend and a loyal colleague, he was also an institution. Simply put, David Friend was Erith School. He devoted much of his time to making sure that the many families who trusted him and the school he ran for their children were able to receive a rich and diverse education. He always put the students first and he never wavered from that principle. He always promoted Erith School and made sure that our achievements were effectively broadcast across the borough. He always spoke highly of his staff valuing each and every one of them and continually praised them for the extremely difficult job they performed successfully day in and day out.

David was our biggest advocate; our biggest ambassador; and our best friend.

David was passionate about the school in every way rarely missing an opportunity to come into the school and involve himself in the many activities that took place on an almost daily basis. He would often drop in for his cup of tea and then wander around the school talking to staff and chatting with the students. They were his pride and joy and he loved seeing what they were doing and hear what they had to say.

David took his role of Chair of Governors extremely seriously spending a considerable amount of time working with his own Governors as well as those from other local schools in training sessions in order to keep abreast of new Government initiatives and changes in policy. He has been described by colleague Governors as “a real champion of governance”. Rather than take a back seat, David was always on the front foot and was always keen to take advantage of anything that might benefit the school. Over the many years of his leadership, he helped to shape the school and determine its future with his vision and values and his strong sense of moral purpose. He was our leader and our champion and he will be sadly missed by us all.

May he rest in peace.

The Erith Way


We all strive purposefully to do our best in all that we do, ensuring all students make good or better progress.


We uphold the core British values of justice, fair play and equality of opportunity for all, regardless of gender, race, culture, religion, sexuality, age or background.


We cultivate individual self-esteem, dignity and pride, preparing students to be responsible members of our local community.


We work collaboratively in a positive culture of togetherness, valuing all and treating everyone in the way we would like to be treated ourselves.


We are genuine with each other, conscientious in our work and trustworthy in our actions.

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