Our vision is to be an Outstanding School; one that caters for young people of all abilities and helps them to achieve great things.

We genuinely care about all our students and work hard to create for them a positive culture for learning, that permeates throughout the whole school.

Brian Lloyd, BEd, NPQH

KS3 Pupil Success

This week a grand total of 122 students across KS3 have been awarded a Headteacher Commendation for their consistent outstanding attitude to learning.  Some students are also receiving this for the second time, recognising that they have maintained an outstanding attitude to learning for this entire academic year.

In Year 7 there were 16 Headteacher Commendations and 24 2nd Headteacher Commendations.

In Year 8 there were 24 Headteacher Commendations and 22 2nd Headteacher Commendations

In Year 9 there were 14 Headteacher Commendations and 22 2nd Headteacher Commendations

Mr Lloyd, Headteacher, and Mrs Viligiardi, KS3 Progress Co-ordinator, were extremely proud to award these certificates to recognise the hard work and dedication that the students have applied to their learning.  These students are clear role models for others and should be proud of themselves.

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Notification of Exam Results

Results of external examinations will be available for collection as follows:

AS/A Level and Level 3 - Thursday 13 August 2015

GCSE and Level 1-2 - Thursday 20th August 2015

 from 10.00am to 12.00pm

After results day you can collect your results from the School Reception.

  • If you wish any other person (including family members) to collect your results on your behalf, you must give your written authorisation to school before results day.
  • If you wish to receive your results by post please supply the school with a stamped addressed envelope (first class).  They will be posted the same day.  Please give your stamped addressed envelope to Ms Radbon.  The school will not post results unless you provide a stamped addressed envelope.
  • No results will be given out by telephone (in exceptional circumstances results may be given by telephone provided a written request has been forwarded to Miss South/Mr Culley, Head of Year 11).
  • Pass Grades at GCSE are from A* – G

Autumn Term Holiday Dates

Autumn Term School Holiday Dates:

Tuesday 1st September to Friday18th December 2015:

Tuesday 1st September – Staff Training Day

Wednesday 2nd September – Staff Training Day

Thursday 3rd September – First Student Day

Half Term holiday (2 weeks)
Monday 19th October to Friday 30th October.

Monday 2nd November- Start of the second half of the Autumn term

Friday 18th December – End of the Autumn Term.

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